Can An Employer Fire Me For Not Speaking English At Work?

I speak English on an assembly line as I build cars and understand how important communication is between myself and the other people around me. I work with mostly Spanish speaking people and we usually speak in our native tongue when it is not important that everyone understand what we are saying. Can My Employer Fire Me For Speaking Spanish To My Colleagues During Lunch Break?

By Deskin Law Firm
The law states that an employer cannot force their employees to speak English at all times in the workplace unless there is a business justification. Business justification means that a situation exists where requiring everyone to speak English is necessary to the safe and efficient operation of the business and no alternative practice will accomplish the business purpose equally as well with less discriminatory impact. However, employer rules requiring employees to speak English at all times may constitute discrimination based on national origin because non-English speakers cannot enjoy the privilege of conversing on the job if conversation is limited to a language they cannot speak.

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