Customer Service @ Winn Dixie

I was a regular shopper at the Winn Dixie close to my house for 6 years. I encountered a particularly rude cashier a few months ago, & I haven't been back since. The girl was frustrated with the cash register that she apparently didn't know how to operate, so she took her frustration out on me. She was EXTREMELY rude, & when I asked to see her supervisor, she refused to comply. I had to go to the counter & ask for management myself. While I was talking to the manager & his back was turned, the girl had the nerve to tell me to "meet her outside" after her shift. I mean, WHAT? My ten year old daughter was with me, so I had to explain that civilized young ladies do not behave like the Winn Dixie cashier & to use her for her "what not to do" example. I found out later it was the girl's FIRST DAY at work.

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