Does It Constitute a Hostile Work Environment When Employees Who Aren't Providing Sexual Favors Are Mad About Employees Who Are?

My work is important to me but I am stressed out and considering turning in my resignation or filing a sexual harassment suit. I have been working in a completely hostile environment where a few people have slept with the bosses and received favoritism as a result and the rest of the hospital is furious. I am a surgeon and people's lives are at stake. It has made getting my work accomplished a living hell. Do I have any recourse?

By Deskin Law Firm
The law says that favoritism by itself is not "discrimination based on sex" because all other employees are equally disadvantaged. However, when sexual favoritism creates a hostile work environment, then that is another matter. If favoritism based upon the granting of sexual favors is widespread in the workplace, both male and female co-workers who do not welcome this conduct can establish a hostile work environment which may constitute discrimination even if they themselves were not the target of any favorable treatment as a result of the sexual favors and whether or not those who were granted favorable treatment willingly bestowed the sexual favors.

What can I Do About Hostile Work Environment?

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