Is It Discrimination to Require Me To Wear Makeup And A Bow In My Hair at Work?

I work at a cafe and they require all the women to wear makeup and bows in their hair. Even though both the men and the women have to wear uniforms, only the women have to do something more with their hair and face. I think this extra burden on the women is discriminatory. Is it against the law?

By Deskin Law Firm
Many employer's have what they call a "Personal Best" grooming policy where they require their male and female employees to wear the same uniforms but differentiate between the men and women when it comes to hair, hands and face. Men may not be permitted to wear makeup and might be required to have their hair short while women might be required to wear eye and face makeup. If the "requirement" is imposing an undue burden on the woman as to time and cost to comply and the policy was created to make people conform to sexual stereotypes, then it may be discriminatory.

Is Requiring me to Dress my "Personal Best" Sexual Discrmination

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