Is My Employer's Conduct Considered Unlawfully Discriminatory?

I am African-American and have been working for my employer for 3 years. Many new people have been hired over time, White, Latino and some African-Americans. It seems like the managers in the store are all White. I have applied for a Manager position a few times and have been told "No" in a very friendly way, but I have more experience than most of the people that get management positions. Is this legal?

By Deskin Law Firm
Your employer cannot refuse to promote you simply because you are African-American. Failing or refusing to hire you or refer you for employment or firing because of your race, color, religion, sex or national origin is illegal.

In addition, discriminating with respect to your compensation, terms, conditions or privileges of employment is also illegal.

Is Your Employer's Conduct Unlawfully Discriminatory?

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