intolerable working conditions

Can My Employer Fire Me For Being Pregnant And Having Back Problems?

My employer fired me claiming I was not fulfilling my duties properly because I could no longer move boxes in the warehouse were I had been working. I was pregnant at the time and I had told my boss that my back was given me problems but I was still showing up to work everyday.

By Deskin Law Firm

Feeling Like Being at Work is Intolerable?

My employer got mugged by a Latino man and lately he has been openly hostile to me. I am Latino, but I have worked for him for 2 years, so I do not know why he is taking it out on me. Is this legal?

By Deskin Law Firm

Supervisor is Putting Me Down Because I am Doing Better Than He Is

My supervisor has told me that I have no future with the company and can't count on getting another raise. He doesn't like me because I am a woman and I am getting more praise from our manager that he has ever gotten. Is this illegal?

By Deskin Law Firm

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